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Schneider Electric

View all 0.40-0.63a 0.63-1.00a 1.00-1.60a 1.6-2.5a 110-240V 12A Selfprrevstr W/Terms Luc*Bl 13.0-18.0a 17.0-23.0a 20.0-25.0a 3.31 Inches Depth 3.66 Inches width 32A Self Protstr W/Cntrl Terms 32A Selfprrevstr W/Terms Luc*Bl 3PH 4.0-6.3a 5.79 Inches Height 6.0-10.0a 600v Max Control Voltage 100 to 240VAC Control Voltage 24VDC Current Range 0.40 to 8A Current Range 1.35 to 27A Current Range 5 to 100A Depth 4.82 In. enclosure Extension Kit For Use With Short Circuit Protection And A Contactor Height 2.4 In. IEC Rated IP41 IEC Rated IP55 iec-manual-starter-pushbutton-type Interface CANopen Interface DeviceNet Interface Ethernet Modbus TCP Interface Modbus Interface Profibus DP Manstarter Fault Signaling Contact 575Va Manstarter Rotary Operating Handle Iec Manstarter Short Cir Contact 575Vac 1 Manstarter Terminal Block 600Vac 63A Manstarter Undervoltage Trip 575Vac Iec Manual Starter 600Vac 10Amp Iec Manual Starter 600Vac 14Amp Iec Manual Starter 600Vac 18Amp Iec Manual Starter 600Vac 25Amp Iec Manual Starter 600Vac 4-6.3Amp IEC Manual Starter 600Vac 40Amp Iec Manual Starter 600Vac 4Amp Iec Manual Starter 600Vac 63Amp Iec Manual Starter Aux Contact 575Vac 1Amp I Manual Starter Aux Contacts 600Vac 5Amp Manual Starter Box Lugs Iec Manual Starter Busbar 600Vac 63Amp Iec Manual Starter Busbars W/Cover Iec Manual Starter Connector Iec Manual Starter Current Limiter Iec Manual Starter Enclosure Ip41Iec Manual Starter Enclosure Ip55 Iec Manual Starter Flt Sgnl Contact 600Vac Manual Starter Line Side Spacer Iec Manual Starter Padlock Device Iec Manual Starter Push Button Kit Iec Manual Starter Sealing Kit Ip55 Iec Manual Starter Shunt Trip 575Vac Iec Manual Starter Terminal Shroud Kit Iec motor-management-system motor-starters Mounting Plate Gv/ Dline Units NEMA Type 1 NEMA Type 12 Operating Voltage 690VAC Power Interconnect Ats01 To U Line S schneider-electric Screw Cla Base 12A Without Terminations Soft Start 200480Vac 22A Ats01 Soft Start 200480Vac 32A Ats01 Soft Start 200480Vac 6A Ats01 Soft Start 200480Vac 9A Ats01 Soft Start 380415Vac 22A Ats01 Standard STANDARD CONTROL UNIT Standards I Standards IEC Standards IEC/ Std Ctrl Unit CL 10 3-PH 0.3-1.4A 24VDC Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 01506A 110240Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 01506A 24Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 0314A 110240Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 0314A 24Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 1255A 110240Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 1255A 24Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 1255A 24Vdc Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 312A 110240Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 312A 24Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 312A 24Vdc Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 4518A 110240Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 4518A 24Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 4518A 24Vdc Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 832A 24Vac Stdcntrlunitcl103Ph 832A 24Vdc Surface Mount Terminal Shroud