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IEC Combination Starter

View all 1 HP @ 3 Phase - 240V 1 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V 1/2 HP @ 3 Phase - 240V 1/2 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V 1/3 HP @ 3 Phase - 240V 10 HP @ 3 Phase - 240V 10 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V 120VAC Secondary 15 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V 2 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V 20 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V 240 3 HP @ 3 Phase - 240V 3 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V 3/4 HP @ 3 Phase - 240V 3/4 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V 480VAC Primary 5 HP @ 3 Phase - 240V 5 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V 6nxe9 6nxf0 6nxf2 6nxf3 6nxf4 6nxf5 6pxd1 6pxd2 6pxd3 6pxd4 6pxd5 6pxd6 6pxd7 6pxd8 6pxd9 6pxe0 6pxe2 6pxe3 6pxe4 6pxe5 6pxe6 6pxe7 6pxe8 6pxe9 6pxf0 6pxf1 6pxj3 6pxj4 6pxj5 6pxj6 6pxj7 6pxj8 6pxj9 6pxk0 6pxk1 6pxk5 6pxk6 6pxk7 6pxk8 7-1/2 HP @ 3 Phase - 240V 7-1/2 HP @ 3 Phase - 480V allen-bradley Amps AC 1 to 1.6 Amps AC 1.5 to 2.5 Amps AC 10 to 16 Amps AC 11 to 16 Amps AC 14 to 20 Amps AC 16 to 20 Amps AC 19 to 25 Amps AC 2.5 to 4 Amps AC 20 Amps AC 20 to 25 Amps AC 24 to 32 Amps AC 4 to 6.3 Amps AC 40 Amps AC 6.3 to 10 Amps AC 6.3 to 11 Amps AC 8 to 12 Amps AC 9 to 13 bimetallic motor overload protection coil-volts-120vac coil-volts-208vac coil-volts-240vac contactors Control Transformer No Control Transformer Voltage 208 Control Transformer Voltage 480VAC Primary Control Transformer Voltage 600VAC Primary Control Transformer Yes dayton eaton ems02d5aba ems02d5abb ems02d5abc ems02d5abd ems02d5abe ems02d5abf ems02d5abg ems02d5abh ems02d5abj ems02d5abk ems02d5abl ems02d5bba ems02d5bbb ems02d5bbc ems02d5bbd ems02d5bbe ems02d5bbf ems02d5bbg ems02d5bbh ems02d5bbj ems02d5bbk ems02d5bbl ems02d5cba ems02d5cbb ems02d5cbc ems02d5cbd ems02d5cbe ems02d5cbf ems02d5cbg ems02d5cbh ems02d5cbj ems02d5cbk ems02d5cbl ems02d5dba ems02d5dbb ems02d5dbc ems02d5dbd ems02d5dbe ems02d5dbf ems02d5dbg ems02d5dbh ems02d5dbj ems02d5dbk ems02d5dbl ems02d5eba ems02d5ebb ems02d5ebc ems02d5ebd ems02d5ebe ems02d5ebf ems02d5ebg ems02d5ebh ems02d5ebj ems02d5ebk ems02d5ebl ems02h5abm ems02h5abn ems02h5abq ems02h5abr ems02h5bbm ems02h5bbn ems02h5bbq ems02h5bbr ems02h5cbm ems02h5cbn ems02h5cbq ems02h5cbr ems02h5dbm ems02h5dbn ems02h5dbq ems02h5dbr ems02h5ebm ems02h5ebn ems02h5ebq ems02h5ebr ems03d5aba ems03d5abb ems03d5abc ems03d5abd ems03d5abf ems03d5abg ems03d5abj ems03d5abk ems03d5abl ems03d5bba ems03d5bbb ems03d5bbc ems03d5bbd ems03d5bbe ems03d5bbf ems03d5bbh ems03d5bbj ems03d5bbk ems03d5bbl ems03d5cba ems03d5cbb ems03d5cbc ems03d5cbd ems03d5cbf ems03d5cbg ems03d5cbj ems03d5cbk ems03d5cbl ems03d5dba ems03d5dbb ems03d5dbc ems03d5dbd ems03d5dbe ems03d5dbg ems03d5dbh ems03d5dbj ems03d5dbk ems03d5dbl ems03d5eba ems03d5ebb ems03d5ebc ems03d5ebd ems03d5ebe ems03d5ebg ems03d5ebh ems03d5ebj ems03d5ebk ems03d5ebl ems03h5abm ems03h5abn ems03h5abq ems03h5abr ems03h5bbm ems03h5bbn ems03h5bbq ems03h5bbr ems03h5cbm ems03h5cbn ems03h5cbq ems03h5cbr ems03h5dbm ems03h5dbn ems03h5dbq ems03h5dbr ems03h5ebm ems03h5ebn ems03h5ebq ems03h5ebr Enclosure NEMA Rating 4X GE ge-ce0102hp ge-ce0102hp1 ge-ce0102hpt ge-ce0102hpt1 ge-ce0102ssp ge-ce0102ssp1 ge-ce0102sspt ge-ce0102sspt1 ge-ce0203hp ge-ce0203hp1 ge-ce0203hpt ge-ce0203hpt1 ge-ce0203ssp1 ge-ce0203sspt ge-ce0203sspt1 ge-ce0204hp ge-ce0204hp1 ge-ce0204hpt ge-ce0204hpt1 ge-ce0204ssp ge-ce0204ssp1 ge-ce0204sspt ge-ce0204sspt1 ge-ce0406hp ge-ce0406hp1 ge-ce0406hpt ge-ce0406hpt1 ge-ce0406ssp ge-ce0406ssp1 ge-ce0406sspt ge-ce0406sspt1 ge-ce0610hp ge-ce0610hp1 ge-ce0610hpt ge-ce0610hpt1 ge-ce0610ssp ge-ce0610ssp1 ge-ce0610sspt ge-ce0610sspt1 ge-ce0913hp ge-ce0913hp1 ge-ce0913hpt ge-ce0913hpt1 ge-ce0913ssp ge-ce0913ssp1 ge-ce0913sspt ge-ce0913sspt1 ge-ce1116hp ge-ce1116hpt ge-ce1116ssp ge-ce1116sspt ge-ce1420hp ge-ce1420hpt ge-ce1420ssp ge-ce1420sspt ge-ce1925hp ge-ce1925hpt ge-ce1925ssp ge-ce1925sspt ge-ce2432hp ge-ce2432hpt ge-ce2432ssp ge-ce2432sspt Hz 50/60 Hz 60 iec-combination-starter Includes Compact UL508A Control Panel with Dis Includes Compact UL508A Control Panel with Disc Includes Compact UL508A Control Panel with Discon Includes Compact UL508A Control Panel with Disconn Includes Compact UL508A Control Panel with Disconne Includes Compact UL508A Control Panel with Disconnect m Max. Motor Voltage 600 mo mot motor-starters N NEM NEMA NEMA E NEMA Enc NEMA Encl NEMA Enclo NEMA Enclos NEMA Enclosure Type 1 NEMA Enclosure Type 4X O Operato Operator Operator F Operator Fu Operator Fun Operator Function Hand/Off/Auto Operator Function Start/Stop Ov Ove Over Overl Overlo Overloa Overload Relay Amp Setting Overload Relay Amp Setting 4 Overload Relay Amp Setting 4 t Overload Relay Amp Setting 4 to